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CDAE250 Compare Means

By: rkarl

Walk through of comparing means and ANOVA test on SPSS.


FSC visits Colorado

By: waw

SkiVT-Lers acknowledge that good skiing can be found outside of Vermont. In this episode, we test that proposition.


Solidworks Animation Test: Door

By: csword

An animation resulting from providing instructions to Solidworks to output a video based on build order.


Bryan Stolzenburg - Excel and JMP - DOC analysis graphing and stats

By: nperdria

Bryan Stolzenburg tutorial on statistical analysis (least square, t test) using JMP. (final project for GEOL185 - Geocomputing)


Sound (Teaching) Bite: Harnessing the Testing Effect for Learning (10/21/2019)

By: ctl

Jen Garrett-Ostermiller shares research from four experiments which document how to leverage test-enhancing learning for increased student retention of information, along with suggestions for incorporating retrieval practice into the classroom.