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Fall Color

By: uvmext

Autumn colors in leaves of maple trees is an annual phenomenon that is highly prized for its beauty and is also economically important. As day length shortens, the tree stops making new green chlorophyll pigment while the chlorophyll already in th...


RSENR Fall Seminar Series: Dr. Mysha Clarke

By: krewcast

For the second installment of the 2020 RSENR Fall Seminar Series featuring early career researchers, Dr. Mysha Clarke gave a presentation entitled "Using protection motivation theory to understand invasive plant management on family forestlands".


Zheran Zhu, Andy, Video log 2, Feb 3, module 2

By: zzhu7

How the university becomes in 18minutes, we are all cyborgs, grade B


Zheran Zhu, Andy, Video Log 1. Jan 26, Module 1

By: zzhu7

How to die well, what can we do to die well, can young blood, grade A,


PSYS 001: Fall 2020 Introduction

By: lrudiger

Describes the instructional format for the course.


Herbert Cello Concerto No. 1, 1st movement

By: sewebber

Herbert Cello Concerto No. 1, 1st movement Fall 2020 jury Simon Webber


Bach Cello Suite VI, Prelude

By: sewebber

Bach Cello Suite VI, Prelude Fall 2020 jury Simon Webber


Teaching in the In-Person Modality Fall 2020

By: ctl

Teaching in the in-person modality this Fall 2020.