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Lecture 15, plant toxins II 2-25-2022

By: gwellman

Lecture 15, plant toxins II 2-25-2022


Self Watering Plant

By: cgrund

This is my final project for EE001. This is a self watering plant.


Soap bubble shapes etc.

By: plintilh

What forces determine the shapes of plant cells


Looking at pattern in plants

By: plintilh

The meaning of pattern.


Experimental Gaming Research: talk by Scott Merrill, PhD

By: smoegenb

Talk given to Plant and Soil Science Department on March 25, 2016.


Intro to plant cell walls

By: plintilh

Role of cell wall in development


Group Hawthorne Rootwork Herbals

By: afriel

Group Hawthorne's presentation on Rootwork Herbals for ENVS 195, Plant Based Healing Medicine


Lecture: Herbal Support for Community Healing & Transformation (ENVS195OL3-PBHM2020)

By: kcelmer

Lecture in Module 6 -the final module. Sound quality for the video clip from adrienne marie brown is poor so you may choose to listen to it directly on Youtube here: