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CE 254: UWS Video - Team 7

By: bmcmorro

APSE Engineering Conclusions for UWS 1-4


Team 2 UWS Oral Presentation

By: djenkin1

Doris Jenkins and Jenna Bragdon


Determination of UWS 1-4 Team 3

By: jsarkis

Video describes experiments performed on unknown water samples and determines where each was retrieved from.


Continence Visual Supports

By: jnauheim

This video reviews easy to make visual supports families can use during toileting and instructions on how to make them. The Continence Project believes the mastery of toileting skills promotes inclusion at home, school, and in the community. We be...


M_6 Team Project

By: sli17

This video is about how we can incorporate joyful movement into our life.


Classroom Management in the Day of Team Teaching and COVID

By: tpritcha

Classroom management with Vermont Teddy Bears....


PHP - Group 3 UVMMC Poster Video

By: staylor7

Our team worked with the UVMMC to determine ways to improve the Community Needs Health Assessment, especially in regards to outreach and consideration of underrepresented and diverse communities. As a pilot group for this sort of work, we looked i...


Innovative Ways to Sell Agricultural Products Direct to Consumers

By: rcbartle

The evolving pandemic has brought to light the importance of promoting agri-food products in local markets, purchasing locally sourced supplies, and selling direct to consumers. Join French-speaking partners (southern Quebec, Eastern Ontario and t...