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Writing the Proposal Pitch Page

By: ktoksu

OVPR Grant Proposal Manager Jeralyn Haraldsen, Ph.D., discusses the "pitch" page of a proposal: the first page of the major prose section of a proposal. Reviewers will likely come to a general decision about you, your idea, and the clarity of your...


060 lecture 3: frequency

By: dfeurzei

Frequency and perception of pitch


Ceppetelli, Peyton BSAD 015 At Home Pitch

By: pceppete

Ceppetelli, Peyton BSAD 015 At Home Pitch


Aerate and Pitch Yeast

By: tpritcha

Aeration techniques and temperatures for pitching yeast


Team F BME 152 project pitch

By: jfrolik

BME 152 project pitch


BME 152 Group I Pitch Video

By: gkreuser

Creating an Internal Power Supply for the Cardiothoracic Cavity‚Äč


Elevator speech: Needle Exchange Program

By: chinojos

Integration of Primary Care Services into Needle Exchange Programs