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Sopher, Matan At Home BNP

By: mjsopher

Business News Presentation


Richardson, Kari At Home BNP

By: kricha20

Business News Presentation


Eco Ball Press Release

By: tlkapp

Prof Stephenson Business Communications Press Release Video Assignment



By: hxu12



Biesemeyer, Thomas At Home BNP

By: tbieseme

Business news presentation


Farm-Based Education in Every City and Town

By: rcbartle

Connecting with land through agriculture can be educational, joyful, healing, and empowering. From a Yellow Farmhouse in Connecticut to an apiary in Botswana, and a hillside campus in Vermont to an urban farm school in New York City, four panelist...


Subsistence fishing in the era of climate change

By: svenugop

This 7 minute video captures the impact of climate changing on a subsistence fishing community in South India. If you are interested in learning more, please read the following paper:- Venugopal, S., Gau, R., Appau, S., Sample, K. and Pereira, R....


Chris Stone - Graduation

By: cburges1

"Graduation" is a collection of recordings of some of my favorite songs that I learned during my time here at UVM. It was also my senior project as a Music Technology & Business major. All songs were recorded during the Spring 2021 semester in the...