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Introduction to Public Health

By: aslerch

This is a video required for HSCI021 Section A, Introduction to Public Health. It was a pleasure to make :)


Castonguay, Grace At Home BNP

By: gcastong

Castonguay, Grace At Home BNP BSAD015 Nelson


Writing the Proposal Pitch Page

By: ktoksu

OVPR Grant Proposal Manager Jeralyn Haraldsen, Ph.D., discusses the "pitch" page of a proposal: the first page of the major prose section of a proposal. Reviewers will likely come to a general decision about you, your idea, and the clarity of your...


Holden Music Fargo Saini

By: sholden

BSAD 015 Sustainability Initiative Video


Ali, Dupuis, Harrison, Hurley, Lovenberg

By: tjali

GreenAir Sustainability Advertisement


Canavan, Reed, Noel, Hadlock

By: sjcanava

Press release video Quickrides