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250 Evaluation

By: 97dconne

Video Lecture CDAE 250 Evaluation


Survey Research Part 1

By: 97dconne

CDAE 250 Survey Research Part 1 video lecture


Survey Research Part 2

By: 97dconne

CDAE 250 Survey Research Part 2 lecture


250 Quantitative Data Analysis Part 1

By: 97dconne

Video lecture CDAE250 Quantitative Data Analysis Part 1


Welcome from Dr. Richard Galbraith, UVM Vice President for Research

By: ktoksu

Dr. Richard Galbraith, Vice President for Research, welcomes you to the UVM Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) website.


Course Design: Alignment

By: ctl

Describes how to design your course aligning goals with content and activities as well as assessments.


Course Information Design

By: ctl

Course Information Design


Backward Inclusive Design

By: ctl

This workshop introduces broad principles for designing courses that are inclusive, flexible, and organized to align course goals, assignments, and assessments. By the end of this workshop, participants will have articulated well-formed goals fo...


CDAE 250 Report three

By: jfbowen

My third report for my CDAE 250 class.