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EE001 Final Project - Motion Detector for Lights

By: jsaunder

My final lab project for EE001 - a circuit to allow a lightbulb to be turned on by a pair of switches or a motion detector. TinkerCad link: Yes, I know the "void" in void setu...


EE001 Final Project: Temperature Probe in Tinkercad

By: arunci

This video is a description and explanation of the temperature probe I made in tinkercad for the final lab assignment in EE001.


EE100 Lab 1 Video

By: obrandri

Instructional video on measuring voltage drop with a standard multimeter.


LAT 001 Lab 1

By: mcmcinti

English Grammar for Students of Latin: -Distinction between nouns and verbs: nouns decline, verbs conjugate -Cases, Declensions, and Conjugations overview -Subject and Object


EE 100 LAB 2 Video

By: jlonaeus

Node Voltage vs Voltage drop


Chem 32 Exp 9 Sodium Hypochlorite in Bleach

By: kfische2

Sample calculations for Chem 32 Summer 2020 Lab 9 Sodium Hypochlorite in Bleach


LAT 001 Lab 3

By: mcmcinti

English Grammar for Student of Latin: -Conjugation definition -Personal endings -Prepositions Other content: -The four conjugations -Raincloud mnemonic


Lab 9 video

By: mcmcinti

Indirect Statements and Result Clauses


Lab 4. Video 2. Wavelength Setting to 450nm

By: palvarez

Setting the spectrophotometer to 450nm.