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Weeklyrites 10-In a Hurry

By: hchen6

Somehow it was challenge to make a extremely short one. I did it as my last weeklyrite.


Weeklyrites 8

By: hchen6

Sunny Saturday, warm weather and a excited dancer. Say hello to the late coming Spring.


Tom's Weeklyrites 3

By: hchen6

Cold outside, hot inside


Weeklyrites 7

By: hchen6

Follow the wind, feel the ground and look for where I am.


Weeklyrites 4

By: hchen6

Free play in nature


Weeklyrites 5- hand works

By: hchen6

Wanna use hands to represent dancers and explore the with the hand shadows


Weeklyrites 9

By: hchen6

I selected a specific time period to recall my memories. Let my body do what it feels need to do. After this process, I found out the pictures related to my deepest memories and added them into this video including my pervious works, dance teams...


Weeklyrites 6

By: hchen6

A day begins from the bed, ends on the bed. For a slacker, I want to eat on bed, do homework on bed and, even dance and explore on bed.


Tom's Weeklyrites 2

By: hchen6

Cooking, cooking and cooking!