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2002-03-08 Friday Ski Club at MRG

By: waw

2002-03-08 Friday Ski Club boys clowning around at Mad River Glen.


Meet Friday Ski Club 2002-03-29

By: waw

Meet some of the members of Friday Ski Club 2002-03-29 at Mad River Glen


Fridy Ski Club

By: waw

Early years of home grown ski flic


2003-03-14 Nose and chin

By: waw

Today finds the Friday Ski Club boys high atop "The Chin" of Mount Mansfield. Why? Just to ski back down.


2007-01-12 Mad River Ghost town

By: waw

These stalwart young fellows visit a ghost ski resort where the lifts run themselves and the turns twist in the fog


2005-10-xx October hike and ski

By: waw

Early October snow provided sufficient base to ski the Goat (October 26) and Liftline (Oct 30) at Mansfield. Stan Scott Wes Jim Kris


2002-04-xx JayPeak (Clapp Remix)

By: waw

Friday Ski Club JF Clapp Jay Remix


2003-04-24 Friday Ski Club emergency meet-up

By: waw

It snowed. On a Thursday. So we climbed a mountain. And skied back down.


2003-04-11 FSC @Stowe

By: waw

Friday Ski Club hits up the gondola at stowe with easy skiing and idle banter.