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How to use Vellam Scopes to measure phase and amplitude

By: 86mgalla

How to use Vellam Scopes to measure phase and amplitude


Intro to Phase Contrast

By: plintilh

How phase contrast works


Phase contrast Demo

By: plintilh

Phase contrast demo


Phase Contrast in detail

By: plintilh

Phase contrast as an interference system


EE001 Final Project - Motion Detector for Lights

By: jsaunder

My final lab project for EE001 - a circuit to allow a lightbulb to be turned on by a pair of switches or a motion detector. TinkerCad link: Yes, I know the "void" in void setu...


EE001 Final Project

By: dlavoie

Here is a video of my final for Electrical Engineering.


EE003 Module Project 2 - Dragon Fruit Circuit

By: arunci

This video describes how to use the Mesh Current Method and how I used it to solve the Dragon Fruit Circuit.


Using electrical circuit analysis to map landscape connectivity for wildlife in Vermont: Implications for transportation planning and mitigation

By: vmc

This was presented by Caitlin Drasher. This presentation was part of a series of contributed talks from the 2020 FEMC Annual Conference hosted virtually for the first time. For more content from the 2020 conference please go to


EE134 Final Project Demo

By: nclogan

This final project is a product of work done by Noah Logan, Dan Cameron, and Jonathan Saunders.