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Effective Speaking Persuasion Speech

By: clcross

Why Larry Connolly's effective speaking class is the best speech class I've taken.


FS 093 Effective Peer Review

By: sbolandc

Undergraduate Writing Center presentation on Effective Peer Review.


Speaking report 3

By: dcao2

Speaking report 3


Utilizing Occupancy Models to Compare Effectiveness of Dogs and Humans at Detecting the Invasive Spotted Lanternfly in Vineyards and Forests

By: vmc

This was presented by Angela Fuller as a part of a series of contributed talks from the 2022 FEMC Annual Conference. To learn more about the conference, visit: Invasive species have the poten...


2nd affirmative speech - pro gun reform

By: cwsweet

This is the 2nd affirmative speech.


Persuasive Speech - Universal Healthcare

By: mebourqu

my persuasive speech for Effective Speaking


Listening Report #1

By: yhao3

Listening and Speaking, Listening Report #1