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capstone meeting

By: nkokinda

capstone meeting


BCB Capstone Getting Started

By: distance

This short video covers getting started in the BCB Capstone Projects course.


Collaborative IT Meeting

By: tsbartle

Video of the Collaborative IT Meeting covering Exchange.


vFECC 2021 September Coaches Meeting

By: tichitte

This is a recording of the 9/15/20 Optional Online Coaches meeting for the vFECC 2021.


North American Maple Syrup Council

By: uvmext

The North American Maple Syrup Council is an international organization, founded in 1961. The purposes of the Council are to promote research in the chemistry and technology of maple sap and the products derived from it; in sugarbush management an...


How To Share Your VoiceThread

By: distance

This short video shows you how to share your VoiceThread so that your peers and instructors can view and comment on it.


WOTC: Mass Incarceration

By: inick

Mass Incarceration Capstone Project group 24


mass incarceration

By: inick

mass incarceration capstone