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Segment Target Position Part 1

By: 97dconne

Segment Target Position Part 1 2023


Segment Target Position Part 2

By: 97dconne

Segment Target Position Part 2 2023


SegmentTargetPositionPart 1

By: 97dconne

lecture for segment target position part 1


SegmentTargetPositionPart 2

By: 97dconne

segment target position lecture part 2


TRIPSCY Open Forum April 29, 2020

By: jnauheim

This is a recorded Open Forum through the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion's TRIPSCY Project. Experts discuss transitioning to adult services and employment skills and transition strategies for students with disabilities. Timecodes:...


​Regenerative Tourism & Agriculture

By: rcbartle

Agritourism operations are in a unique and potentially impactful position to incorporate and showcase regenerative agricultural practices. This session will describe the principles of regenerative agriculture and discuss how they are shaping a fut...


Module 2 Project

By: aahussei

Solving for NVM and Super position


PHYS021: Final Project: Video Data

By: jspiegle

A sample of video data of my contraption in motion. Due to poor lighting, as this was filmed at night, it will not be my final trial where I hit within 5 cm of 2 m, but I am at least demonstrating that my object is moving, and that I can record th...


PHYS021: Term Project - Raw Video

By: jspiegle

This upload contains the raw video used for my analysis of position. velocity, and acceleration data. This is the final take for my term project. The slow-motion section was filmed at 240 fps in HD. The rest of the video is filmed at 120 fps in HD...