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MU 060 Logic intro

By: dfeurzei

Overview of Logic Pro X


MU 060 Arranging Project (2 of 2: Logic)

By: dfeurzei

Editing Software Instrument parameters in Logic


MU 060 Scoring a rhythmic video, pt. 2

By: dfeurzei

Linking to video in Logic Pro


Chris Wheeler underscore

By: dfeurzei

Action scene with Logic underscore


MU 060 Scoring a rhythmic video, pt. 5

By: dfeurzei

Exporting audio to movie in Logic


MU 060 Logic Project 1: Magnetic Poetry

By: dfeurzei

Logic project #1 instructions


MU 060 Logic Project 1 (2021)

By: dfeurzei

Instructions for "Magnetic Poetry" project


MU 060 Logic MIIDI sequencing (1 of 2)

By: dfeurzei

Introduction to MIDI seqeuncing project, reviewing the nature of MIDI and MIDI messages


Barnyard Bunk with score by James Putnam

By: dfeurzei

Vintage animation with a new underscore