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Maple Color Grades

By: uvmext

There are four grades of pure maple syrup; Golden Color/Delicate Taste, Amber Color/Rich Taste, Dark Color/Robust Taste and Very Dark Color/Strong Taste. Each grade has a range in color as defined by its light transmittance. Knowing the color of p...


Syrup Color

By: uvmext

In Vermont, Grade A maple syrup is divided into four distinct color classes. Those classes are Golden, Amber, Dark and Very Dark. The lightest grade of syrup, Golden, has the most delicate flavor. A lot of the time it will be made at the beginning...


Focus Groups and Key Informant Interviews

By: 97dconne

Focus Groups, Key Informant Interviews Lecture


109 lect 1b major scales pt 2

By: dfeurzei

review of major scales and key signatures


Katelyn Key - Excel

By: nperdria

Katelyn Key final tutorial project for GEOL185 (Geocomputing)


Key Informant Interviews and Focus Groups

By: 97dconne

Key Informant Interviews and Focus Groups video lecture 2023


Color 1

By: uvmext

Why is maple syrup different colors? Pure maple syrup ranges in color from light golden amber to dark reddish brown. Over the course of the maple production season, the color of maple syrup produced in an individual maple operation will gradually ...