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By: anbuchan

Lecture on troubled birth of modern environmental movement


Part 2 - Perkins Pier to Union Station

By: mmcdonal

NR 2 spring waterfront lab walking tour, 2020


Polasky, Stephen. "Meeting the Sustainable Development Challenge of Jointly Achieving Economic Growth and Improved Environmental Conditions". Marsh Professor. 25 October 2016.

By: presdent

Stephen Polasky is among the world’s leaders in combining ecology and economics to quantify the benefits of nature to human society. He has assessed the impact of biofuels on agricultural landscapes, climate change, and food prices, and he has p...


Sture Hansson: University of Vermont Marsh Professor Lecture The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: On Algal Blooms in the Baltic Sea

By: presdent

Blue-green algal blooms are common in the Baltic Sea as well as in many lakes, and they are often seen as a nuisance and an indication of environmental degradation. But because something is ugly does not necessarily mean that it's also bad. Can cy...


Willcox, Marsh, Drasher, Clerc, Alnamee

By: lwillcox

BSAD 015 Sustainability Initiative Video


Marsh, Zenali, Starosta, Taylor, Yushchenko, Fosdick

By: kcmarsh

BSAD 015 Sustainability Initiative Vide


Shelburne Farms Maple Sugaring Part 1: Intro

By: mmcdonal

Shelburne Farms Maple Sugaring Tour with George Conklin


Shelburne Farms Maple Sugaring Part 3: Tree Physiology

By: mmcdonal

George Conklin gives an introduction to sugaring