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New Metropolis - Part 1

By: mcope

Part 1 of a screencast of the lecture on the so-called 'New Metropolis'


New Metropolis - Part 2

By: mcope

Part 2 of The New Metropolis -- building on the economic processes identified in part 1, what do these spaces look like in real cities?


Gentrification - Intro

By: mcope

Introduction to Gentrification, focus on Neil Smith's 1996 chapter in his book New Urban Frontier (ch. 3)


Gentrification - Part 2

By: mcope

Part 2 of the lecture, looking at the 'rent gap' and its importance and spatial implications.


Creative Community Development in Rural America

By: cemorse

Overview lecture on comm dev initiatives in rural US


Mapping a Research Topic

By: cemorse

Presentation and worksheet on how to frame the levels of a research topic.