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MMP - EE003 Module 1 project

By: mmansfie

The presentation on power efficiency as part of EE003 Module 1's project


MMP - EE003 Clementine Module 2 Project

By: mmansfie

My presentation for EE003 module 2 presentation.


EE003 Final Project

By: ppapp

My final project for EE003


EE003 Module 1: Calculating Efficiency

By: sknox

A video explaining how to calculate the efficiency in a circuit.


Noah Logan EE003 Module 2 Project

By: nclogan

This is my video to go with my module 2 project.


EE003 Module Project 2 - Dragon Fruit Circuit

By: arunci

This video describes how to use the Mesh Current Method and how I used it to solve the Dragon Fruit Circuit.