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CALS Perspective Speech

By: mlavoie4

CALS Perspective Soeech


Lip Sync- CALS 001- Lucy Powell

By: lfpowell

This is my lip syncing video for CLAS 001.


Erica Paton Dramatic Reading

By: enpaton

Passage read from The Great Gatsby chapter 3 by F. Scott Fitzgerald


University of Vermont MS in Dietetics Open House - October 12

By: dnotte

In this 1-hour live virtual open house, you will meet the UVM MSD Program Director and recent program graduates. Join us to learn about the MSD community focus on practice through the lens of a sustainable food system, graduate courses to fulfill ...


Eyeliner tutorial

By: smblair

Tutorial for public speaking


Verbal Atom Cracking

By: mbroder

High school choice