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CDAE168 Products Part 2

By: 97dconne

Video lecture products part 2


CDAE168 Products Part 1

By: 97dconne

CDAE168 Products Part 1 video lecture


CDAE168 Brand Part 2

By: 97dconne

Video lecture CDAE168 Brand Part 2


North American Maple Syrup Council

By: uvmext

The North American Maple Syrup Council is an international organization, founded in 1961. The purposes of the Council are to promote research in the chemistry and technology of maple sap and the products derived from it; in sugarbush management an...


Innovative Ways to Sell Agricultural Products Direct to Consumers

By: rcbartle

The evolving pandemic has brought to light the importance of promoting agri-food products in local markets, purchasing locally sourced supplies, and selling direct to consumers. Join French-speaking partners (southern Quebec, Eastern Ontario and t...


Market Research Part 2

By: 97dconne

Video lecture CDAE168 Market Research Part 2


International Maple Syrup Institute

By: uvmext

The International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI) was founded in 1975 to promote and protect pure maple syrup and other pure maple products. Its mission remains largely unchanged: The organization provides an important international framework for com...



By: 97dconne

video lecture CDAE168 Marketing Plans


A Map-based Stock Change Approach for Fine-scale Biomass and Carbon Accounting in New York State

By: vmc

This was presented by Lucas Johnson as a part of a series of contributed talks from the 2022 FEMC Annual Conference. To learn more about the conference, visit: Field-based forest inventories, l...