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Journal Club 3/22 Benji and Roxy

By: rmbenson

Diverse lobbying collations and influence in notice-and-comment making


Yackee and Yackee Journal Club

By: dbrichar

4/5/23 Journal Club by David Richardson, Jonas Hamilton, and Quinn Houston


Journal Club: Canes-Rowne

By: oreisenb

Olivia Eisenberg, Brooke Dietrich, Riley O'Hagan


Urbaska, Alex At Home BNP

By: aurbaska

Business news presentation project for BSAD015A.


A Culinary Lens on Agritourism

By: rcbartle

Food is an ultimate connector and a big part of why we travel. We share stories, form relationships and build communities around the table, and through our culinary traditions. In this gathering, we will hear stories from around the world of the r...


Age Well: Home Health Care Shortages in Northwestern VT during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By: jsaltman

PHP Group 09: Age Well Jeremy Altman, Matt Breseman, Edom Girma, Alex Kubacki, Louisa Moore, Amanda Nattress, Noah Sorkow, Kristen Wright