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WeeklyRite 1 -- Animals

By: eseyler

When I began the video, I just wanted to dance on a soft surface! As I moved, the mat became a floating zoo or arc that I navigated as if I were exploring or trapped. Alligator, lizard, monkey, insect. I ran out of ideas and almost stopped at 7 mi...


Weekly rite 8

By: tingibin

I tried to do something different from the girl in our class


Can you hear me?

By: mtkaye

Thank you Bob. Thank you Rob. For the music. For the dance.


Eli Lewis SPR Fall 2020

By: edlewis

"My Funny Valentine" and "For All We Know" for my SPR Fall 2020


Ask the World to Dance

By: mtkaye

Well there's nothing to lose and there's nothing to prove, I'll be dancing with myself!


Weekly Rites #6 Natalie Tikhomirova

By: ntikhomi

My last weekly rites video was of me creating some movement in the small area of my bedroom. It made me want to try the same idea but in a larger space. I wasn't planning on doing this yesterday (Sunday.) But I got out of dance class early so I de...


Weekly Rites 4

By: jpowers2

This was inspired by my new ring. I found myself focusing a lot on my fingers!


Weekly 5 -- Bagatelles and Broomsticks

By: eseyler

Diversions during Argentine tango practice.


17 suns

By: omalone

simply enjoying being