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What is Public Health Digital Story

By: asherid2

In this assignment, I interviewed my Dad.


How to Access Career Center Resources on Blackboard

By: career

This two-minute video shows you how to gain instant access to UVM's Career Center resources on Blackboard.


Introduction to Case Interviews

By: career

This 3-minute video provides an overview of case interviews.


vSim Overview

By: slpinard

vSim Overview


HCOL's Partner Programs

By: sclark3

Screencast presentation with basic information about the Honors College's two partner programs: 1) the Principia Honors Consortium at the University of Glasgow in Scotland and 2) University College Maastricht at Maastricht University in the Nether...


Studying Abroad as an HCOL Student

By: sclark3

Screencast presentation meant to help HCOL students plan the timing of a semester abroad around their pre-thesis requirements. Also provides a very basic overview of the study abroad planning process, as well as some ideas for seeking out funding ...


Allison Wright, owner OWL Energy Bar in Brattleboro, VT

By: uvmext

Allison Wright, owner OWL Energy Bar in Brattleboro, VT