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HST67/ENVS167#8-3_Polarized Climates

By: anbuchan

Lecture on competition and collaboration in the polar regions.


Numerical aperture revisited

By: plintilh

N.A Plus immersion oil



By: anbuchan

Lecture on environmental consequences of European colonialism.


HST 10#34_MidEast_2

By: anbuchan

Second part of Lecture #34


Dark Goddess: A Short Film

By: cdissing

Directed, Written and Produced by Shanta Lee Gander Sound Design and Music Production by Machafuko NA Vurugu Productions In her exploration of the human gaze, the female body, and what it means to dance along a continuum of sacred and profane,...


HST 10#34_MidEast

By: anbuchan

Lecture on Middle East post World War II


Weekly Rite 4 -- Beethoven

By: eseyler

What began as an exploration of movement in shadow three weeks ago becomes, today, an homage to Beethoven's brilliance. This part of Concerto No. 2 always chokes me up because of the beauty and silence and peace of it. (Turn your sound up to hear ...


Access to Health Care Information (Group 11)

By: sashort

Exploration of perception of health care information availability and quality.