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Does Prenatal Care Modify the Effect of Maternal Body Mass Index and Race on Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes?

By: edickin1

A look into the association of maternal obesity and race to gestational weight gain and infant birth weight outcomes using PRAMS 2016-2017 (phase 8) dataset.


WOTC: Mass Incarceration

By: inick

Mass Incarceration Capstone Project group 24


Mass Incarceration: Policy Change

By: jwillia4

This video is for our D1 class on Mass incarceration and it covers a topic about a policy change in sentencing and homelessness.


mass incarceration

By: inick

mass incarceration capstone


250 Index and Scale

By: 97dconne

250 Index and Scale


Weekly Rites 6

By: jpowers2

There is an interesting connection between the top half of the body and the lower half. I didn't mean to coincide the movements in this video with that theme, but the way it came out brought it up in context, and I just ran with it!


Getting started with the Current Index to Statistics

By: gsherrif

Getting started with the Current Index to Statistics


What Refractive index means

By: plintilh

Describing how the velocity of light varies with the medium.