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SkiVT-L Extravaganza

By: waw

This is about as good as it gets among SkiVT-L videos.


2004-xx-xx BONUS CLIPS

By: waw

This and that bits and pieces


2003-2004 Jumpin' Jimmy remix

By: waw

A Closer Look with different eyes


2003-2004 Jumpin' Jimmy remix II

By: waw

Jumpin' Jimmy edited this one.


2000-05-05 Mansfield Hike

By: waw

Mr. Wes and Mr. Rogers tackle the Mansfield massif. I was the first day in 24 months where the air temperature was above 90 degrees C.


2005-10-xx October hike and ski

By: waw

Early October snow provided sufficient base to ski the Goat (October 26) and Liftline (Oct 30) at Mansfield. Stan Scott Wes Jim Kris


Sugarbush Management 1

By: uvmext

Sugar makers rely on healthy, abundant maple trees to provide sap each spring. Taken together a group of maple trees managed for sap collection is called a sugarbush. Developing a healthy, productive sugarbush takes time and effort. Forests are hi...


Sugarbush Management 2

By: uvmext

Late summer, while leaves are still green is a good time to assess the trees in your sugarbush. Weak or declining individuals will show areas of crown dieback. Trees with more than 75% dieback will likely not survive but are still competing for li...


2004-xx-xx Scary Night movie

By: waw

2004 Earned Turns , Mount Mansfield west, ski, skiing, hike