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The Baby's Dinner: Lumieres Remake

By: swolfe1

This is my remake of The Lumiere Brothers' film "The Baby's Meal" from 1895. This project was done for Classical Cinema with Professor Sean Witters. The film stars Abbie Kopelowitz and Meghan Hessler and was directed by Sophie Wolfe. The film also...


Krzysztof Kieślowski's Blue (1993), last scene

By: hneroni

Krzysztof Kieślowski's Blue (1993), last scene. Uploaded for educational purposes for FTS 121: Film Theory.


Floating a paper clip in water

By: ldonfort

Using a paper clip L to float another paper clip in water.


Postwar Masculinity in Mad Men

By: asiegel4

In which I discuss the role of masculinity in the television series Mad Men.


Magnetizing a paper clip

By: ldonfort

Magnetizing a paper clip


Weekly Rite 1

By: semacdon

Here I wanted to play with the unique opportunity film creates for movement sequences. If I were to perform the series of movements presented here for an actual audience I would not be able to achieve the same effect. Film and editing allows for r...


Showing a paper clip is magnetized

By: ldonfort

Showing a paper clip is magnetized


PHYS 22 Motor Lab- Magnetized Paper Clip

By: kdeemer

Physics 22 Motor Lab- Magnetized Paper Clip Kelsey Deemer TA: Dr. Donforth