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Here, kitty, kitty

By: jhenry

Try my Tiger Style...



By: anbuchan

Second introductory lecture on timelines of Big History


Geology Seminar

By: jperdria

Julia Perdrial gives an overview on a newly funded project "Collaborative Research: Network Cluster: Using Big Data approaches to assess ecohydrological resilience across scales"


Big Joe Stowe

By: waw

The late Big Joe Burrell with the Unknown Blues Band provide the soundtrack to this Stowe Mountain Resort promotional music video. Really low quality, but I do recognize David Goodman bending his knee down the Bruce. Also features classic runs fro...


Big Joe

By: bguitar

This is a video of a person who stutters. Please complete an SSI on him.


Cats Meow Audition Video

By: ssjones

Audition for the Cat's Meow! For more information make sure to follow us on Instagram @UVMCatsmeow for more updats.


Weekly Rites #10 Di Lu

By: dlu3

I am dancing with my cat!! She is so lazy, I need to make her move.


UVM Geology Seminar Series - 10/19/2020 - Julia Perdrial

By: nperdria

Big picture or detail? Integrative Earth Science Research and the value of both