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Part 3 - From Union Station to the Urban Reserve

By: mmcdonal

NR2 spring waterfront lab intro video


UVM Catamount Pride - CS020 Spring 2019

By: rdasari

CS020 Spring 2019 students recreate UVM catamount using MATLAB plotting functions


FloodplainForests - Video 2 with Walter Poleman

By: mmcdonal

Short Q&A with Walter Poleman about Floodplain forests


Chris Stone - Graduation

By: cburges1

"Graduation" is a collection of recordings of some of my favorite songs that I learned during my time here at UVM. It was also my senior project as a Music Technology & Business major. All songs were recorded during the Spring 2021 semester in the...


Shelburne Farms Maple Sugaring Part 3: Tree Physiology

By: mmcdonal

George Conklin gives an introduction to sugaring


Shelburne Farms Maple Sugaring Part 7: Some History and Why no more Grade B?

By: mmcdonal

Tour and instruction by George Conklin of Shelburne Farms


Shelburne Farms Maple Sugaring Part 9: What is Important to You and Wrapping up

By: mmcdonal

Tour of operations at Shelburne Farms with George Conklin