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Postwar Masculinity in Mad Men

By: asiegel4

In which I discuss the role of masculinity in the television series Mad Men.


No Country For Old Men Parody

By: jmuderhw

Parody of scene in "No Country For Old Men" , where Marylou and Anton meet.


2003-03-21 Jimmy's Big Day

By: waw

Jimmy has fun at Mad River Glen


2007-01-12 Mad River Ghost town

By: waw

These stalwart young fellows visit a ghost ski resort where the lifts run themselves and the turns twist in the fog


Recommendation for Routine AAA Screening in Men Ages 65-75 who smoke

By: mkilbrid

2 min elevator speech of why we should start incorporating a AAA screening in all men ages 65-75 who smoke or have ever smoked.


NFS 143: Team 10 Podcast

By: mobrien3

Team 10 discusses men with eating disorders, which is a population that people tend to push aside in larger discussions of eating disorders, and even mental health. Male identifying people are often excluded from eating disorder research even th...


2002-03-08 Friday Ski Club at MRG

By: waw

2002-03-08 Friday Ski Club boys clowning around at Mad River Glen.


Meet Friday Ski Club 2002-03-29

By: waw

Meet some of the members of Friday Ski Club 2002-03-29 at Mad River Glen


three cliffs

By: waw

High school kids at Mad river Glen