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Instrumental Variables/2SLS video lecture

By: 97dconne

Instrumental Variables/2SLS video lecture


Dummy variables video lecture

By: 97dconne

Dummy variables video lecture


quantifiers and variables PHIL013AB

By: mcweiner

Screencast on introduction to quantifiers and variables.


Variables and assignment

By: cbcafier

Variables and assignment


CDAE 3500 Conceptualization

By: 97dconne

CDAE 3500 Conceptualization video lecture


CDAE 3500 Index and Scale

By: 97dconne

CDAE 3500 Index and Scale video lecture


CS021 - Local vs Global variables

By: rdasari

CS021 - Computer Programming I University of Vermont Supplement video for Tony Gaddis, Starting out with Python, 4th Edition


“HEDIS Annual Monitoring: a true measure of patient safety?”

By: jkwallac

Annual laboratory monitoring completion occurs more frequently among persons prescribed medications of interest with a diagnosis of hypertension and for those with a diagnosis of diabetes. Rates of high blood pressure and diabetes vary by state a...


Patterns and Drivers of Woodland Understory Flower Phenology and Canopy Closure

By: vmc

This was presented by Jordon Tourville as a part of a series of contributed talks from the 2022 FEMC Annual Conference. To learn more about the conference, visit: Warming and changes in precipi...