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Leah Nemetz Poultry Experiment

By: lnemetz

ASCI 242 Advanced Animal Nutrition


ASCI 1100 final project-Maya Curlej

By: mcurlej

Final project for ASCI 1100. Animal Actors.


Group 10 Podcast - Infact Nutrition Myths

By: cdrane

In our podcast, we explore the prevalent fear-mongering that exists surrounding infant feeding practices. We investigate the ways marketing tactics capitalize on parental anxieties, pushing them toward an idealized, black-and-white perception of b...


Advanced Directive

By: tabrinkm

Advanced Directive


ASCI 1100 Final Project - Search and Rescue Rats

By: stuck

ASCI 1100 Final Project - Search and Rescue Rats


ASCI Internships

By: kjones22

Internships for Animal & Veterinary Sciences students


Ellis Animal Communication Podcast

By: bcellis

Animal communication podcast, coral reefs noise pollution & climate change


Life Cycle Nutrition Podcast

By: bebarrow

For our podcast we wanted to talk exactly about that. Growth. What facilitates growth? Is it physical activity that causes children to sprout out of the ground like a beanstalk shooting for the sky? Or is it nutrition that produces the ideal envir...