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Stowe 1967

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Wright family at Spruce Peak and Toll House

William at Mad River Glen

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boy skis trees and cliffs

Freestyle skiing at Sugarbush

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Youngster does tricks and jumps

Starksboro backcountry sluff

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Kids in trees set off small slides across street from our house

Random ski clip (wait for it...)

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Keep watching, don't blink


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Vermont State Architectural Historian, Devin Colman talks about the UVM dorms Chittenden, Buckham, and Wills before they are demolished in the early summer of 2015. The demolition of the dorms and the hopes for what UVM has to come. Transcript: Devon: It is easier to see from a distance. See ho...

CESS Student Experience

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This is a quick video of students describing their experiences in the University of Vermont's College of Education and Social Services.

End-of-life Choices in Vermont and Advanced Directives

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Completing your advance care directive can be complicated. We’ll explore the values tool kit as well as various options available and will help you complete your advance directive. Class will include discussion about how to have “the conversation” with loved ones and family.

End-of-life Choices in Vermont

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Discuss the continuum of care at end of life with a special focus on Act 39, Vermont’s Death with Dignity law. We will review other care options including unwanted medical treatment, inappropriate medical treatment, voluntary stopping of eating and drinking, as well as care options appropriate ...