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Weekly Rites 10

By: jpowers2, Views: 87

Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson was always that song for me that I loved listening to in the car especially when it was yucky weather outside, and I though that channeling the inner thoughts of myself when I'm a passenger in car would be a cool way to express my thoughts haha.

UWS Prez Team 4

By: smcochra, Views: 16

This is our water quality report for CE254

Listening report3

By: yqiu4, Views: 5

listening report3

Listening report

By: qge, Views: 12

Listening report

Listening Report #1

By: fxing, Views: 9

Listening Report #1

Listening report1

By: xlin4, Views: 8

Listening report1

Report 1

By: wxie2, Views: 8

Leading with lollipop

listening report 1

By: zshen2, Views: 4

assignment of listening report