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Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award Panel Discussion 2015

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Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award Panel Discussion 2015 facilitated by Joan Rosebush Diane Jaworski, Taras Lakoba, Rebecca Wilcox, Sean Witters

OLLI Online Course: Stephen King’s Different Seasons: Four Novellas

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Stephen King has described Different Seasons as “a book with stories in it about an offbeat prison break, an old man and a boy locked up in a gruesome relationship based on mutual parasitism, a quartet of country boys on a journey of discovery, and an offbeat horror story about a young woman de...

End-of-life Choices in Vermont and Advanced Directives

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Completing your advance care directive can be complicated. We’ll explore the values tool kit as well as various options available and will help you complete your advance directive. Class will include discussion about how to have “the conversation” with loved ones and family.

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KM Panel Discussion February 2016

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KM Panel Discussion February 2016 Kroepsch-Maurice Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes faculty in each of the academic ranks who have demonstrated excellence in classroom teaching, ability to motivate and challenge students, and the capacity to engage students in the pursuit of knowledg...

Creating an Open Access Impact Within and Beyond the University

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A growing movement is using tools such as open access journals and repositories to transform scholarly communications on a global scale. Open access refers to literature and published research results that are made available online without access restrictions or fees and with minimal restrictions...

Maple Industry Panel

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What is the state of the industry? Where are bulk prices headed? How will the increase in Quebec quota impact the world supply of syrup? Industry professionals lead this panel discussion. Recorded at the 2017 Vermont Maple Conference.