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Blackboard Inline Grading

By: hag, Views: 139

Blackboard's Inline Grading feature allows you to more quickly grade student work submitted using the Assignment tool without having to download each file individually. You can also pin comments or add annotations to the student's documents. This video shows you how it works.

Blackboard Inline Grading Tool

By: hag, Views: 29

The Blackboard Inline Grading tool allows you to read student work directly online in the course space. It works with student work submitted through the Assignment tool. You can read, annotate, comment, grade, and download a copy with the annotations.

Blackboard Inline Grading

By: ctl, Views: 196

A demonstration of the Blackboard feature "Inline Grading" that shows how you can grade. comment on, or annotate student work submitted through the Assignment tool.

Dean Cynthia Belliveau

By: 92csicca, Views: 178

A brief welcome video from Dean Cynthia Belliveau.

Student's View of Blackboard Grades

By: iberrizb, Views: 549

This video shows students how to find grades and feedback on tests and assignments in Blackboard.

Blackboard Special Features

By: ctl, Views: 443

A 6 minute video that describes useful but less well-known features of Blackboard. They include Inline Grading, Rubrics, Student Preview, Retention Center, Grading Categories, and special Test Options (availability exceptions, view results).

How to make a Course Banner with PicMonkey

By: ctl, Views: 56

Tutorial specifically about using the web tool to make a banner for a Blackboard course.

Add an RSS feed to Blackboard

By: iberrizb, Views: 8

How to add and RSS feed to Blackboard (focusing on the CDC)

Guest access settings in Blackboard

By: iberrizb, Views: 2

Brief demo of setting guest access in the instructor's edit mode in Blackboard.