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KM Panel Discussion February 2016

By: ctl, Views: 146

KM Panel Discussion February 2016 Kroepsch-Maurice Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes faculty in each of the academic ranks who have demonstrated excellence in classroom teaching, ability to motivate and challenge students, and the capacity to engage students in the pursuit of knowledg...

Welcome to Risk Communication

By: 92csicca, Views: 102

Welcome to Risk Communication course at UVM.

Creating an Open Access Impact Within and Beyond the University

By: schwrks, Views: 34

A growing movement is using tools such as open access journals and repositories to transform scholarly communications on a global scale. Open access refers to literature and published research results that are made available online without access restrictions or fees and with minimal restrictions...

Weekly Rites #3 Benny Nduwayo

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What I Like about this third weekly rite is the fact, I got to walk around Academic campus for 20 minutes while filming just the steps of my feet. I had a great experience.

vedio log1_sharon

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Being Assertive!

By: acepeda, Views: 10

Describes assertive, aggressive and passive communication styles

Video log 2

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Communication skills class

ACM2_VideoLog2_Joon Cha

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I am aiming for an A


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Video log for academeic communication