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Stowe 1967

By: waw, Views: 646

Wright family at Spruce Peak and Toll House

William at Mad River Glen

By: waw, Views: 492

boy skis trees and cliffs

Freestyle skiing at Sugarbush

By: waw, Views: 694

Youngster does tricks and jumps

Starksboro backcountry sluff

By: waw, Views: 535

Kids in trees set off small slides across street from our house

Off piste Winter Park

By: waw, Views: 599

some sort of kid skiing looking for cliffs

William at Winter Park

By: waw, Views: 432

Powder under the Zephyr lift

skiing easy glades with the younger one

By: mga, Views: 581

Skiing some easier glades at Smuggs with my younger kiddo.

Random ski clip (wait for it...)

By: waw, Views: 562

Keep watching, don't blink

Physics and chemistry extravagana

By: waw, Views: 740

Fire in the hole